International Expert Warns of an 80% chance of a terror attack – South African Police Dismiss Allegations – This is not the misguided rantings of a disgruntled white ex pat. There is a severe and imminent threat to your life as a tourist during the SWC. The following article confirms the total lack of preparation by authorities in South Africa, and it betrays the complete sell-out to Fifa and the collusion they have with the government to downplay the threat as far as possible. Read also here for the story of how specific names and details were supplied to the authorities in the middle of May 2010! The Police Commissioner at that point made the following glaring statement “I don’t know anything about that. We’ve not been consulted or informed,” “We must phone Iraq. That’s the next step,” What have they done since then? Nothing! They are relying on their own intelligence sources and despite being warned now by a credible International source that the threat is a near certainty, continue to deny it! The fact that South Africa is currently embroiled in a controversy over a cartoon by a local artist, Zapiro, depicting Mohammed playfully, for which he has received death threats, is probably seriously underestimated. Do not entrust life and limb to the South African Intelligence Agency.


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