Today marks the 20th anniversary of a historic speech made on 2 February 1990 in the South African parliament, by former State President FW de Klerk. It was a speech that stunned the world and drastically changed the political and economic scene in South Africa.
It was a speech he was able to make with ease and confidence because the overwhelming majority in parliament already supported his views. It was his gullible audience, the confused public of South Africa, that needed some persuasion, and also a good dose of shock treatment. Even Archbishop Desmond Tutu couldn’t believe what he was hearing. In his own words, which were broadcast live on radio today, he said, “I had to pinch myself. I thought I was dreaming. Unbanning the ANC is something I had expected, but unbanning the Pan Africanist Congress and also the South African Communist Party, really surprised me.”

Today 20 years later, we all know that the season of violence never departed from our land. The exact opposite happened! Crime, violence, and numerous social problems escalated to new heights. The faster we seem to reconstruct, reform, and renovate, — the faster everything seems to collapse and degenerate. Today, the ANC Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe openly declared on National Television, on the seven o’clock evening news, that South Africa has a mountain of socio-economic problems to solve. (I got the impression that his little interview was cut short.)

Blaming Apartheid for all the problems we face today has become an outdated monotonous defence, but the government in collaboration with the liberal-minded media, have successfully propagated the myth that a handful of whites oppressed the majority, and thus caused the social evils we face today. We should thus be thankful that the old evil system is dead and buried, because things would gave been far worse if we allowed it to progress.

Dear Mr de Klerk, — maybe I’m being over pessimistic here, but no matter how hard I try, I cannot see the progress this country has made while under ANC rule. I see corrupt and dumb politicians wasting taxpayers money on a scale that boggles the mind. I see the cost of living rising by the day. I see people living in fear behind locked gates. I see more and more people, from all races, waiting for handouts on our street corners. I see illegal drugs flooding our streets and killing our children. I see Nigerian and Tanzanian druglords fighting for the occupation of dilapidated buildings. I try my best not to see these things because it upsets me, but everywhere I go I see the stark reminders of a country on the brink of chaos!


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