February 01 2010!

Starting on that day, you are going to be at a DECISIVE TURNING POINT IN YOUR EXISTENCE.


More precisely, I see 3 WONDERFUL MONTHS THAT ARE GOING TO TRANSFORM YOUR DESTINY. Followed by 3 more very good months that will have a lasting effect on your future, henk.

I ALSO HAVE SOME OTHER NEWS FOR YOU THAT IS A LITTLE LESS POSITIVE. But you shouldn’t worry more than necessary about it.

Because even though something may happen that is not very good for you, I can still be there to help you.

I will show you how you can avoid events that could turn out to be negative for you. And in any case, I will tell you what to do so that the LUCKY PERIOD that is in store for you works out in your favor.

Above all I want you to know that, as my way of thanking you for the confidence you have shown in me, I made a commitment in my soul and in my conscience to do everything I could to help you, until the moment that YOUR HAPPINESS IS TOTAL AND COMPLETE.

I have already done this for many people with problems as serious as yours, people who thought that nothing and no one could change their lives.

Today they are all overjoyed to realize just how much THEIR FINANCIAL AND PERSONAL SITUATIONS REALLY HAVE BECOME TOTALLY TRANSFORMED. And what I have done for others, I can also do for you.

Now I should tell you about some information that concerns you, and is of great importance for you today:

Your date of birth is: 09 February 1971.

That makes you a Aquarius.

Your astral chart is strongly influenced by Uranus.

Based on these factors, I will now transmit my initial conclusions to you:

General Introduction

 Let me first say that your unusual personality is so rare in this world that I must refer to it before anything else.
You owe your exceptional personality to your magnetic power, which radiates from you with so much force that it can be perceived from very far away, when you are not even there. It is this power which undoubtedly makes you a communicative person, full of warmth and comprehension.
Saturn has provided its conventional bias, and the influence of Uranus endows you with versatility, intelligence and intuition. Unfortunately, you have not made use of these qualities often enough, or in the right way, to satisfy your social aspirations, your spirit of tolerance (often opposed), your sensitivity, and your desire, which is both profound and legitimate, for wealth and happiness.


You should watch your nervousness very closely, because it could degenerate over time and turn into a real feeling of persecution.
Unfortunately, your health is not that strong, and you tire easily. Avoid overextending yourself as much as possible.

Conserve your strength, make sure you sleep enough, but stay away from sleeping pills. Natural infusions of verbena or linden could be helpful.

Love – Emotions

You don’t have any problems in this area that can’t be resolved if you want… and if you take the trouble.
Seduction and an even temperament are your main allies. You think that you always love sincerely.
And yet some contradictions in you could cause problems.
If only you knew exactly what you wanted more often, your emotional life would be much happier.
Your magnetism – which is important as I already said – combined with your intelligence and imagination, make up for certain inconsistencies in your attitude toward your loved one (or the person you desire).
You need to admire the person you are involved with to give him or her your confidence and love, but at the same time you need to preserve your freedom, or at least a reasonable degree of freedom. 

Social Life

Freedom, independence and autonomy are the traits that govern you.
Creativity, originality and ingeniousness are the main qualities that dominate your daily activities, whether they are in a specific area of professional endeavor, or simply concern your domestic relationships.

You enjoy doing research and, despite your deeply individualistic nature, teamwork can really stimulate you.


Numbers have a determining influence on your life, both in games of chance (lotteries, horse races, etc.) and in your day-to-day activities.
Your golden number is 7, your lucky number par excellence. Use the number 7 as often as you can: for example, when you set up an important meeting, insist on the 7th day of the month, or 7 o’clock in the evening; When you use the train, get in the 7th car, etc.
For professional initiatives your most favorable number is 14. For travel or business speculation use the number 20.

Some final advice

The powerful magnetism that Uranus has endowed you with will help – along with my intervention if you want – the beneficial sides of your personality shine forth and eliminate anything that could run counter to your future fulfillment in life. Knowing your enemies will enable us to fight them better!

It is clear that you have a huge potential, which you received at birth (a potential for luck and unexpected money) which is in total opposition to the difficult life you are leading, and the bad luck which is unjustly affecting you at the moment.

You should never have had to deal with the difficulties and serious problems (especially those concerning money) that seem to be ceaselessly plaguing you.

Here’s why:

Uranus, along with the other planets that control your Destiny, have endowed you with tremendous Lucky Power.

This should have turned out to be very positive for you in terms of money, and the realization of what you really hold dear in life. But that has not been the case.

Of course you’ve had a few happy moments at certain times in your life. But you know that you have generally been lacking in luck in many important areas of your life. Isn’t that so?

You have had some periods of luck and happiness on your journey. But SOMEONE OR SOMETHING HAS BEEN PREVENTING YOU FROM TAKING ADVANTAGE OF THAT LUCK. It has passed you by each and every time.

There have also been LARGE AMOUNTS OF MONEY THAT WERE WITHIN YOUR GRASP on many occasions, but once again an invisible hand seems to have prevented you from enjoying your potential profit.

As things stand now you take each day as it comes, without really knowing what will happen to you tomorrow.

Sometimes, because of a lack of self-confidence, you make decisions that eventually have serious consequences. You may be thinking that this is all your fault.

Well, that is not the case!

I HAVE A STRANGE FEELING, as if some HARMFUL INFLUENCE was forcing you to make the wrong decisions, those that attract bad luck instead of good luck (especially as far as money is concerned).

Don’t say to yourself: “I’ve never been lucky… I just have too much bad luck… I’ll never get out of my present situation!”

Believe me, based on my experience I can confidently say that is not the case at all. On the contrary!

You have a right to happiness. And you should know that there are no unlucky stars in your astral chart.

All you have to do is follow THE PATH TO LUCK AND HAPPINESS as indicated by your master planets, which will soon become active and influence your destiny.

In your case your dominant planet is: Uranus. Along with your other important master planets, it has already presented you with numerous lucky occasions (notably for money), although you were not able to take advantage of them for an obvious reason which you know already.

This was not your fault. NO ONE WAS THERE TO HELP YOU understand the importance of these occasions, and tell you what to do.

It’s too bad we didn’t know each other sooner. I could have intervened and told you exactly what to do, and when.

I could have warned you about problems you might have avoided and, most importantly, I could have helped you TAKE FULL ADVANTAGE OF THE OCCASIONS FOR LUCK AND MONEY that should have been yours.

If I had done so your life would have been wonderful. You would not have experienced all the major problems you’ve been having until now.

But we mustn’t dwell on the past. The important thing now for you to be happy is to know that IT ISN’T TOO LATE TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

Starting today I pledge to do everything in my power (including putting in my time) to help you make your most heartfelt dreams come true.

I am convinced that YOUR LIFE CAN CHANGE OVER THE COMING WEEKS. I feel it in the deepest part of my being. You can trust me – I am very, very rarely wrong.


You can’t keep moving forward in the dark, without a helping hand to point out all the opportunities for Luck and Money that will be presented to you in the near future.

You should know that at your age of 38 years old, you still have the perspective of many years of happiness ahead of you. You can be absolutely certain of that.

But you have to know exactly when it will be important to SEIZE THE NUMEROUS OCCASIONS FOR LUCK AND HAPPINESS THAT COME YOUR WAY.

That must be done at the moment they are presented to you. I’ll tell you all about it. I feel some very surprising things about you.

YOU HAVE VERY STRONG INTUITION, YOU’RE SENSITIVE, AND YOU ARE VERY GENEROUS, BUT sometimes other people take advantage of you, without knowing that THINGS aren’t going so well.

I see you as an anxious person, a little vulnerable, who doesn’t always know how to defend yourself against life’s injustices.


Do you know that you have a force inside you  – Unlimited Inner Power – that you totally ignore and make no use of at all? I saw it clearly on a number of occasions.

And do you know why you ignore this force and make no use of it? Well, you may have already noticed how a lot of people think they’re better than others.

For you the exact opposite is true. You tend to see your weak points instead of your strong ones.

I’m pretty sure you’ve already asked yourself: “Why do some people have so much happiness and not me”?

You have to stop this kind of negative thinking. You have to accept that YOU HAVE THE RIGHT, AS MUCH RIGHT AS ANYONE ELSE, TO THE LUCK AND MONEY you’ve been deprived of until now. And for that to happen all you need to do is agree to accept some special help from me.


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