Een vuurvliegie aan n ander: “Ek moet nou vinnig ‘n fokken bril kry, ek het nou net amper ‘n sigaret genaai!”


Cape Fltas dictionary
Aweh :

Pronounced: Ah-where.
This is used as a greeting all over the Coloured communities. “Aweh jy, hoesit ?”

Bra :

Pronounced: Brah
This word has no reference to the English word which pertains to an undergarment.
The word Bra refers to a close friend or acquaintance.
It’s a term of endearment. “Yah I know him, he’s a Bra of mine”

Duidelik :

Pronounced “day der lik”
This word is an adjective, describing an ideal state of mind, a cool article, perfect, or an ideal situation.
“How are you doing. Naai duidelik my bru.”

Kwaai :

This word refers to something that is really awesome, cool or nice. “Did you see that kwaai movie?”

Mew :

This is a shortening of the word Music

Minute / Minutes :

Pronounced : Min- eee-ter”
This is one of the few words that can be pronounced in English or Afrikaans.
Meaning, Hold up! A General reference to time. It can also take on a threatening tone. As in I’m watching you.
“Minute my Broe, the train leaves at seven”
“Minute, jy kan nog nooit al my daait op vriet nie”

Mos :

This word is typically used as a filler in a sentence. “you are mos going to the shop” “you can mos pick it up”
It has no real meaning but is used to colloquialise a sentence.

Nuh :

Pronounced: Ner
The use of the word Nuh is complex and multi dimensional. It can be used to 1. Find out if the listener is following your conversation. “You turn left nuh, then you turn right nuh, continue straight nuh”
To indicate that your listening to a story. “Nuh, and then what happened?”


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